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I would like to add a switch to a panel that toggles a sleep mode on or off. If there is no activity on the remote for a period of time I would like to run a macro that powers some stuff down. Is there anyway to detect idle time with OpenRemote?

Hmm, would have to be based on the access to the REST API I suppose (detecting whether remote is sending commands to controller or not).

You could enable the access logging in Tomcat for this, and have a script monitoring the log file to detect whether the REST API is being called or not, and act accordingly:

Alternatively, if you're comfortable with Java, you could just write your own valve that checks the incoming HTTP requests and runs a timer.

Might be doable but it is a hacking project for sure.

Posted by juha at Jun 12, 2013 00:19

Great suggestions! I will take a look over the weekend.

Posted by noelhibbard at Jun 14, 2013 19:50
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