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Hi everyone

I have this problem, i'm automating my A/C unit with a Raspberry Pi. I make the UI with OR and UDP commands. This way I can only send commands, not receive a status or anything.
So I have to make my status commands with In-Memory Virtual Command. The switches were easy. But I'm stuck at the slider.
So I created a slider with a sensor and command so it sends a value to my raspberry pi via UDP

This works, I get the value on my command screen on the Raspberry Pi when I use the slider. But now, I want to create a text label that shows me the value I picked on the slider.
So I made a In-Memory Virtual Command:

My problem now is that I have no idea how to send this value to my Raspberry again with the UDP command... I have to make a rule of some sort that copy's the value of the status command to my UDP command.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!


setTemp.JPG (image/jpeg)
setTemp(STATUS).JPG (image/jpeg)

Value of the status command is same as what is storage in ${param} (modified by slider action)... technically you should create a sensor which will use this In memory command and then point text label to make use of this sensor.

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