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I have problems with a slider that starts at -805 and goes to 100.

The strange thing is if I change the controller.xml to start at 0 and finish at 100 and leave panel.xml at -805 to 100 it works.

The slider won't move at all unless I change the controller value.

I see no errors at all in the bellow code.

--- Panel.Xml
    <slider id="1781" thumbImage="thumb.1.png" vertical="false" passive="false">
          <link type="sensor" ref="100125" />
          <min value="-805" image="volume.png" trackImage="seekfull.1.png" />
          <max value="100" trackImage="seekempty.1.png" />

-- Controller.xml

    <sensor id="100125" name="(Office) Volume Sensor" type="range">
      <include type="command" ref="1820" />
      <min value="-805" />
      <max value="100" />

 <command id="1820" protocol="http">
      <property name="pollingInterval" value="2s" />
      <property name="method" value="GET" />
      <property name="url" value="" />
      <property name="jsonpath" value="$.rawvolume" />
      <property name="name" value="(Office) Get Volume" />

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