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Hi All,

I got a nice little project running to dim the outside LED lights

Raspberry pi running SQLlite DB, C++ Program to read a write the PWM over serial to a connected Arduino uno generating 6 X PWM = 6 Dimmers, 4 x Switch reading for manual on off control if need, QNAP NAS running Openremote controller

Openremote controller is polling and reading out a value out of PHP website on the raspberry pi, The PHP code is generating dynimic XML website.

  • Command "Reading_LED1" HTTP GET command and Xpath expression
  • "RangeSensor_LED1" making use of "Reading_LED1" min = 0 max 255
  • "Slider_LED1" making use of sensor RangeSensor_LED1.

My slider is adjusting on the iPAD if I do change the value on the PHP website / database so that part works !

Now the question ->

At the SetValue of the Slider I need to push back the "new" value with a command
So I created command "Set_LED1_Value" I use a HTTP POST mechanism

How is the workload field looking ? Or better how is the command formatted to get variable Integer of the slider in?
I was looking around in the documentation and forum and could not findthe syntax.


The POST workload must include ${param} which is later replaced with the value from the slider.

Posted by mredeker at Dec 04, 2012 08:29

Worked !!! Thanks !!!

Posted by kjkoopman at Dec 07, 2012 14:31
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