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I try to use sliders on the composer to show the status of my shutters with 2 picture (shutter close and shutter open).
Problem is the slider show the opposite status Example:

when the shutter is up (value 0%) the slider is showing the shutter down
when the shutter is down (value 100%) the slider is showing the shutter up

There is a possibility to change slider orientation to 180° ?? not only vertical?? ¨

Someone can help me to find a work around?

Thanks Ivan

IMG_0003.PNG (image/png)
KNX 0%.PNG (image/png)
KNX 70%.PNG (image/png)
KNX 100%.PNG (image/png)
KNX 0%.PNG (image/png)
KNX_0.PNG (image/png)
KNX_70.PNG (image/png)
KNX_100.PNG (image/png)

Why are you using a slider not a button?

You can just use custom status on a button one to be 100 and the other to be 0.

Posted by glennl at Oct 18, 2015 02:08

Hi Glenn,
Thank's for your answer, I use slider to see the status of my shutter like the pictures below:

The problem is the follow:

Example 1: The real Shutter status is UP (KNX Status 0%) Picture show down:

Example 2: The real Shutter status is Down 70% (KNX Status 70%) Picture show UP 30%:

Example 3: The real Shutter status is DOWN (KNX Status 100%) Picture show UP:

To use custom status I need to revert all value fron 0 to 100 (1 invert to 99, 2 invert to 98, 3 invert to 97,.....)

Thanks Ivan

Posted by zufferli at Oct 18, 2015 13:56

I only use a button if it has two states, not sure if it would work for more.

I just use true false for play pause etc

Posted by glennl at Oct 19, 2015 08:52

Just a thought..

Would it be possible to create a drool that inverted the KNX value and stored it in a virtual command for the slider to read?

And yes, a custom sensor with 100 fields, each inverting the value would work.
(But I'm guessing you've tried that already)

Posted by mdar at Dec 30, 2015 12:04
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