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I passed all day looking for an explanation but without success.

The snapshots of the designer are apha releases from users that add more features to it. Right? The last version will has almost every new past good features? Or any snapshot is different from each other? For example, I would like to add buttons with transparent PNGs images. The on-line designer is down now for maintenance so I couldn't try. I would like also to receive data from 1-wire sensors and use the web frame feature.

So, where to start? I have to install a lot of snapshots and try them? I can join features from several snapshots and create a new one with all I need?

How to use the snapshots? There is any tutorial? To use snapshots I will new to have the designer off line installed on my server?

Where I can find a tutorial explaining how to use the designer off-line?

What you do during developments? Use the on-line designer or a local one?

Sorry about all these questions. But I need to understand how to work with openremote.

All the files are in the next Openremote Repository:


Observing the folder structure I can list a few ones:




After some more reading I got this:

1 - "workspace" is for developers and contain their files inside?

2 - OpenRemote 2.0 Web Console in Subversion: The latest developer release is available as a subversion checkout. The code branch is here: /tags/project/WebConsole/WebConsole_1_0_0_Alpha1.

  • So the latest developer releases are available in "tags/project/" or "tags/snapshots"? Whats the diference between project and snapshots?

3 - Stable developer releases of the OpenRemote 2.0 platform are tagged in Subversion under /tags directory. Developer releases use Alpha suffix. A full OpenRemote 2.0 checkout will include all platform components (iPhone, iPad, Android, Web consoles, Controller, Online Designer and Beehive Database).

  • I thought the stable developer releases were in branches.

I'm very frustated with all these files. Please. someone can explain me where things are?

My objective is to undertand how openremote works and to make some tests with 1-wire, KNX protocol, DSC security system, arduino and some web frames with sensor values and ip cameras images.

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