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Hi, OpenRemote is a great project and I'm sure it will have great success. However I have some questions and suggestions about OR:
1. Why you focus this project only on iPhone? I have iPhone and I'm happy with it, but I would like to control my house via touch panels or laptop also.
2. This is also related to the first question - I think that the Designer interface must have options for different screen resolutions and orientations. This would make possible contributors to make interfaces for other devices. For example I would like to create web or Flash interface for a tablet PC, but I'm stuck into iPhone resolution because of the Designer tool.
3. I think this project will have great success if the whole administration interface goes web based. For now there is a Designer tool that is web based and is hosted remotely. I think this Designer tool must be a part of a whole web based administration interface hosted locally on the house server. There are great JavaScript frameworks like ExtJS or YUI that are capable of creating a desktop like web based interfaces.
4. What about cameras? Do you plan integration?

Thanks for answering these questions.

Mihail Panayotov

Hello Mihail,

Control interfaces are decoupled from the rest of the architecture via REST interface. This means it is relatively easy to create a control interface for whatever platform you desire. This is well demonstrated for instance in the demo Jerome Velociter posted where he controls the lights from command line using curl.

So if you feel strongly about any control interface, sign up and lead the subproject. This is very much welcome here. Focus is on iPhone and Android because at the moment they are popular interfaces and personally interesting, therefore taking priority over others (as each client platform consumes resources).

The new release does allow custom resolutions. Have a look at

Posted by juha at Mar 06, 2010 15:46

That's exactly what I'm talking about
Will this composer be hosted locally where ORB is, or stays remotely hosted by you?

What about the cameras support?

Posted by mishoboss at Mar 06, 2010 16:12

You can easily host the composer on the same house server where the ORB is running.
Camera support is on my wish list too and after the main features are stable we will look into stuff like this.

Posted by mredeker at Mar 07, 2010 08:05

Thanks for the answers. I can't wait to see the final 2.0 release. There are two tings that I want to suggest to implement before the final release if possible:

  • an "iframe" control/widget. This widget would be capable of showing a screen inside itself.
  • a rs232 support. There are a lot of devices that use rs232 and I think this is a must have interface for a HA software.
Posted by mishoboss at Mar 08, 2010 10:58

I am using an ethernet<->rs232 converter and the already supported TCP/IP commands.
Also for my russound support, I implemented the rs232 protocol.

Having a more general protocol that supports all kinds of devices just by configuration would be nice.
That is definetly on my list Would make it easier to support more devices without creating a special implementation for each device.

Posted by mredeker at Mar 08, 2010 19:44

Well, there is also a software way of doing it - "serproxy" for example. It passes socket TCP data to a COM port. But a generic, out of the box, serial support is a must have. I'm sure there will be one in near future

What do you think about the "iframe" widget suggestion? Maybe in the iPhone world there isn't needed, but for a big touch screen tablet interface, it will be more than welcome. It will make possible to create one "master" screen that contains buttons like "Bedroom", "Bathroom", "Living room" that are linked to other screens and targeted to show it's content in the "iframe". So, no matter where you are, you will always see these buttons and will be one click away of changing the room (for example).

P.S. iframe is a HTML tag that describes an internal frame. Think about it like a window that can show screens in it. I don't know how to name it.

Posted by mishoboss at Mar 10, 2010 11:22
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