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Hi All

Just got my Sonos integration with OpenRemote to work, i´m so satisfied about the possibilities with OpenRemote.

Now it´s possible to use below functions as well as connect physicaly buttons to Sonos via OpenRemote:

Next Track
Previous Track
State "Show info about artist,album, song etc.."

Any intrest in a "How to Do" description?


We're always keen to see what people are doing with OR and how they achieve it.

In that particular case even more, as I believe Sonos is a great product but usually not easy to integrate.
So a description of what you did would be very appreciated.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 16, 2013 10:30

Ok, done!

Posted by hank at Aug 16, 2013 13:15

Thanks, nice addition to the supported devices

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 16, 2013 13:35

Hi Henrik - I've got the Sonos integration working which is really nice, good work on the write up. One issue seems to be Radio which I use Sonos for quite a lot. I can't seem to get any State back or create a Favorite which will play I guess because Radio stations don't play in playlists. Do you know if there is a workaround for this?

Posted by jules_bike at Oct 20, 2013 22:56

Hi Jules

I´m happy that you got the Sonos Integration to work!
The functions that exists today are only basic functions, there are many things that we would like to see for a future update.
I will check my own State when playing radio and let you know how it looks like.

Posted by hank at Oct 23, 2013 07:09

Hi Henrik by pure coincidence Jimmy has just added the radio steam function to the library so now you can play stations that are in sonos favorites. You just need to reinstall from github.

Have you managed to get a volume slider to work mine picks up changes from sonos but if I try to adjust volume it goes straight to zero.

Posted by jules_bike at Oct 23, 2013 16:58

hello henrik,
thank you for this great peace of software - i have problems with Ö,Ä,Ü,...
The state function writes this:

the artist should be Björk not Björk.
how can i solve this problem?
is this a UTF Problem?
can you help?

Posted by markuspr at Nov 02, 2013 19:11

Hi Markus

I have the same problem myself, i guess it´s a UTF problem.
I will try to get in contact with the developer of the Sonos API since he seems to be Swedish.

Best Regards

Posted by hank at Nov 05, 2013 08:00

OK, thanks.
Let me know if there is also something needed on our side.

Posted by mredeker at Nov 06, 2013 11:55
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