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Hi I've got Openremote working nicely with Sonos and a Denon Multizone amp. The Denon amp can be setup to have zones that fire up when they receive an audio signal from the Sonos so I have a buttons for each zone that individually switches on/off the trigger function.

I have a few old IR controlled Amps which I want to use to do some more Audio zones but they do not have Trigger functionality built in. I do not want them to be on all the time of course so I need some sort of trigger function within OR. Is there a way for OR to know whether Sonos is playing? I can see how I could create a rule to turn on the amp based on this.


I don't know the details of the Sonos impl. but can't you create a sensor to be informed on some Sonos events? Sonos should sent out something on the network to also inform the other Sonos console, I assume?

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