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I found this post
However it did not work for me, my TV Requires authentication using a 'auth cookie'.

So to get around this, i have found a project on git which allows you to execute commands to your tv via your computer. Credit to (

Essentially you need to run this on your linux or mac machine which is running the open remote controller, ill outline the steps below.

In your Terminal, move to the root of your user directory, i.e. cd /Users/JohnSmith
Then execute
git clone
rename the folder that is created to 'bravia-ipctrl'

Then move into that directory, then edit the file
You need to add your TV's IP into the script, also you should add a nickname for the controller. (Im doing this from memory, i think there are 2 fields where you have to change the name.)
Then save and quit.
You then will need to make the file executable, run the command
sudo chmod +x
Then execute ./ to execute the script.
The script will then register your computer with your TV, you will have to enter the PIN that is displayed on the TV into the script.
Once thats complete, you can look inside the file auth_cookie. This is your authentication key which registers you with the TV.
Next thing to do is to run the file you might have to make it executable like before (sudo chmod +x

This will then print out all of the commands that will work with your TV. For reference it will be useful to copy and paste this into a word doc, you will need them later.
Now you have a list of commands that will work on the TV, your computer is also registered, its worth testing that this side of things actually works...

To do this make the file executable (sudo chmod +x
Then execute (replace AAAAAgAAABoAAAB8Aw== with your TV IP, and replace with the actual command code you want.

With a bit of luck your tv will do the command you sent In this instance it should open Netflix.

So now that is done, you can now move to making open remote use this, its a really simple process but will have to be repeated for each command you might want to send.

In open remote, create a new device, then add a New Command, this command should be a shell execution protocol.

Set the path to: /Users/JohnSmith/bravia-ipctrl/

Then set the command protocol to (replace with your tv IP and replace AAAAAgAAABoAAAB8Aw== with the command you want to send): AAAAAgAAABoAAAB8Aw==

And voila! That should work well Also i use the WOL command to switch on the TV.

Hello Guy,

I plan to buy a new TV but i want to be sure i can use it with open remote (not IR!!!)
Wich serie/model is yours?


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