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Hi all! My name is Juan Pinto, am one of the users/developers from Souliss, its a Frameword for Arduino Devices, an Open Source Project to easy integrate any kind of sensors and devices on a P2P Arduino based network, we┬┤ve implented various ways to communicate many Arduinos as you need over ethernet, wifi, 485, nRF...

We've too a free Android APP to control Souliss, add programs, scenes, favorites etc. And now the community has developed a native binding to Openhab.

But the community don't stop here, we want to integrate this free and easy framework developed by the community a few more interfaces, and here is when I arrive here

I like so much Openremote!! In fact I suggested to the community to integrate OpenRemote, because it's very visual, and it have impressive graphical quality! I registered and tested the designer, I found the UDP options and I think this is the best way to integrate OpenRemote with Souliss.

The Souliss Gateway Device (An Arduino with W5100 or ENC28J60) receives and send data over port 230UDP, so we only need to make some kind of binding, like OH's binding and the work be done!. I know, this its easy to say but not to do it... my knowledge about how to do that it's limited but I can help on tests and develop if I have some steps to follow.

Here you can see the post on Souliss Group:!topic/souliss/zeV3T0yhxVg

I'll try to do a deep reading on "How to do your own protocol" but I've limited knowledge as I said before.

One last thing, I need to apologize for my English if I made some mistakes... Im from Spain and I try everyday to write on English.


PD Again... Ty so much for your project!, It's really good!

PD2. If you need more info about Souliss you can find info on Github and on

See here: how I did integrate Z-Way with OpenRemote using UDP for pushing status updates from my Raspberry Pi Z-Wave stack to OpenRemote

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Thank you for the fast response, I'll take a read and I'll inform to the community.


Posted by juanpintom at Apr 24, 2015 17:28
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