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Hi there,

I like simple and clean user interfaces and am very happy with the grayish buttons displayed when using the online designer. The button state for a switch is also displayed (ON, OFF) in text depending on the status of the switch. If you press the switch, the grey turns into darkgrey... however, that state is not kept, but as soon as you release the button it jumps back to the normal grey tone.

Two questions:
1 is it possible to keep the button pressed and as such display two standard images on light and one dark grey?? If so, how?
2 can I find the jpg's for the bus sons somewhere such that manually one can reach that effect?

Mind you, I tried already with my own jpg's but they do not scale to the size of the buttons I would like to have. As a result, i would have to make a large suite of buttons for every panel with different sizes one.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and ideas.


Hi Rick,

Currently not possible as far as I remember using scalable sizes. Using your own JPG's is the only option so far.

It may be something we should consider for the next revisions of the schema definition – mostly this is towards supporting more customizations for scalable UI widgets.

There should be some forum threads showing up soon which will start detailing the supported features. If you can, please participate with your idea. I'll try to keep it in mind too.

Posted by juha at Sep 26, 2011 10:23


Will do. See other threads where I published my own button PNG's that I created, following design ideas from Gira and Busch-Jaeger.

Looking forward to the discussions and further ideas!


Posted by rickcn at Sep 27, 2011 11:04
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