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Has anybody considered adding a 'String' sensor type that would allow us to pass a string from the protocol directly to the view? This would be similar to the Custom sensor type, but instead of mapping known state values from the protocol to friendly strings in the view the protocol would pass a friendly string straight to the view. The immediate use case I'm considering is to pass security zone names (i.e. Front Door, Back Door) from my new DSC security system protocol to a label on an OpenRemote panel. Thoughts?

If there aren't any concerns or objections, I'll take a look at the code and see if I can get it implemented.

Have you tried using a custom sensor and not providing any mapping?
If I remember correctly, this will pass the sensor value straight to the UI element, so for instance with a label just displaying the string returned by the sensor.

Posted by ebariaux at May 04, 2011 12:01

Interesting, I hadn't thought of trying that. I'll take a look tonight and report back. Thanks for the tip!

Posted by gdrapp at May 04, 2011 19:22
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