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I have an existing home automation system, which involves multiple components communicating using MQTT. I'm interested in adding a much better user interface for control and monitoring, and I'm hoping that OpenRemote can fill that role. I assume OpenRemote must have support for MQTT, but I'd like to confirm this before I waste any time. I've searched for the answer to this question, but haven't found any indication that it includes support. Any information would be appreciated.

I"m going to guess that's a no. lol

Does anyone know if there is support being worked on, or if there are any plans?

Posted by dougmeredith at Mar 30, 2015 17:30

Hi Doug,

We recognize the value, and would love seeing somebody working on this. But currently we don't have the capacity. However, we are interested if somebody is willing to pick this up.

Posted by pierre kil at Apr 03, 2015 09:48
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