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I just checked in some code for both the controller and the designer which allows very simple control of your Ademco security system panels. It requires an Ad2USB, or Ad2Pi, or similar device which is sold by NuTech.

What this code does at this time is basically allows you to simulate a keypad. This allows you to arm/disarm/bypass etc from open remote.

What you need to do to get this working is have a device as I mentioned above, and make it available to your open remote controller via Ser2Sock.

The designer code is pretty simple in that it creates the keypress commands for each of the virtual keys on a keypad 0-9, *, #. It also has a Sensor for the last message broadcast on the Ademco bus, which is typically the message shown on the keypads.

This integration could go a lot further. For example you could use other devices within the open remote world and make them virtual 'zones' with the Ademco security panel to trigger alarms, etc. I haven't figured any of that out yet though.

As of right now, really what the code does is allow you to remotely arm/disarm your security system using the open remote UI instead of having to pay for the internet access the security companies sell.

I would suggest being careful getting this stuff started at home, maybe call to get monitoring turned off for the first day or two while you set things up to avoid false alarm triggering.

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