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I currently have a Jasco 45609 Z-Wave on/off switch that I have switching off a lamp. I also have a wall outlet that controls a second lamp. Is there anyway to make a rule that shuts off the second lamp only if the switch is pressed again and the switch is already off?

1. Switch and lamp 1 are on.
2. Switch is turned off.
3. Lamp 1 turns off (hard wired to switch).
4. Switch is pressed in the off position again.
5. Lamp 2 turns off (plugged into zwave wall outlet).

Thanks in advance.

Did you already look into this page and referred example pages: Designer+2.0+-+Controller+Rules? I don't think the second off push will generate an other event on which you can trigger a rule. I don know this device, but there are devices that can ser different scenes if pushed once or twice. I have no experience with that. My be worth to have a look at the micasa verde or homeseer sites.

Posted by pz1 at Jan 08, 2014 10:03

I'll have a look and report back what I find. I tried setting up a rule for a simple command when the switch was triggered but kept getting into an infinite loop.

Posted by voltron43 at Jan 08, 2014 20:49
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