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I have configured a switch as specified in the video tutorial but i'm not able to get the status command to work...

the switch command acttually toggles the light but the status is'nt updated:

Controller2012-01-24 13:19:00,816 DEBUG Thread\-6 org.openremote.controller.bootstrap.Startup$Log4jRedirect.publish(221) | Polling device status for FRAME L_Data.req 0.0.0 -> 0/0/4 Data: 0x00

Any suggestions?

Hi Michael,

We can find several reason for that: your panel design or KNX implementation.

First, on the panel design side, you can have a look at that thread:

If the panel is OK, this can come from your KNX implementation. A first test can be to validate the KNX commands within the ETS project and check if you're receiving the status feedback when switching ON/OFF on your bus monitoring.
If yes, please make sure you're using the correct group address in the commands created in OpenRemote Designer.
If no, that means that you've first to create that feedback in your ETS project and then use the associated group address for the status in the OpenRemote Designer.

Posted by yannph at Jan 24, 2012 17:04

Hi Michael,

I had the same problem till i change my ETS configuration. I turned on the status property for the ouput on the hardware installation, and assigned it a new group address. Then i use this address for the command STATUS and then all works ok...

I hope this work for you,


Posted by aamo at Jan 24, 2012 18:45
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