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I've recently started setting up Openremote controller to control my KNX installation. Now I'm facing the following problem. I've seen some threads with similar issues in the forum, but none of them leading to a solution (maybe I missed some).

ORController is installed, up and running and auto-detects my IP-gateway. I've designed part of my KNX installation and loaded it successfully into the controller. iPhone screens are designed, starting with simple light switch (on/off). Now the problem.

Pushing the button on the iPhone screen, the light turns on, but the button doesn't change it's status. Pushing the button again, the light stays on and the button doesn't change. In the KNX bus monitoring I can see, that the IP gateway sends "01", so switch on, every time I push the button.

First thought was, that the controller doesn't receive the switch status. But: When I turn on/off the light with the wall switch, I can see the status of the button on my iPhone perfectly changing it's status.

This means, the controller doesn't receive the switch status only if he's the source of the command himself.

My setup:

  • KNX system Busch-Jaeger
  • IP gateway Busch-Jaeger 6186/32 (KNX adress 15.15.255)
  • KNX installation uses only 2 layers of group addresses (0/x/x)

I'd appreciate any kind of support or reference to a thread with a practical solution.



Do you have a dedicated group address for action and status?
You switch actuator needs to be configured to send the status GA when the status changes.
You need the status GA used on the status command and the action GA on the switch command.

Posted by mredeker at Jun 20, 2014 07:34

Dear Marcus,

Thank's for advice! This seems to make sense, although I thought OR triggers on the acknowledge from the actuator. Will try this next days.



Posted by dhomyk at Jun 23, 2014 07:30
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