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Hi all,

I've just replaced my old DS112J for a DS216PLAY, installed java packages and open remote.
Everything is working fine except my Marantz receiver HTTP control. If i use TCP commands it responds, but not HTTP.
Design and control devices are exactly the same, DS112J is still running and control is OK with it...
I compare lan and other setup on both synology's, did not find differnces.

Any idea why DS216 doesn't send http commands?


Newer Synology DSM has stronger security and firewall-ing. I would search in this direction.

Posted by aktur at Mar 08, 2016 12:20

Dear Olivier,

I also have a synology with DSM 6.0 but I was not able to install open remote...
Could you please explain me how you have done that operation ?
Did you use the package from Pc load letter ?
What about the java, did you use the java provided the latest version of DSM or another package.

Thanks in advance

Posted by lejeuje at Apr 22, 2016 19:32

Hi Michal,
After the update to DSM 6 the PC Loadletter package is no longer possible to use for running OR on Synology. Have you installed it by using Tomcat and so on? If so, could you explain in short the steps you used to do so?
I am now currently running OR from my Mac, and I prefer running it from the synology since my Mac happens to crash now and then, and also loose connection to the KNX IP interface due to Wifi drops.

Posted by istian at Apr 25, 2016 10:51
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