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Hi all,

if I start openremote "manually" by using the command ./ run via an SSH console, I see all System.out.println(...) outputs in the live window.

For easier starting I have added a startup script in the rc.local, so that OR starts after the reboot of the PC. Since

I have done this I do not see enymore the System.out.println(...) outputs by doing "tail -f /home/odroid/Desktop/OpenRemoteController2.1.0/logs/boot.log

Any ideas how I can see this?


Try "logs/container/std*.log", but I don't remember exact file name.

Posted by druciak at Jul 28, 2014 08:24

Hello Krzysztof,

your're somehow right. By looking to ..../logs/stderrout.log I see some older System.out.println(...) command statements, which I did, but the most recent ones are completely missing. This file is also not being updated with new entries.


Posted by hennemarc at Jul 29, 2014 05:40

This is because of buffering, your writes are done, but not yet flushed to the file - they are sitting in buffers. Try "System.out.flush()" after you write something, should help.

Posted by druciak at Jul 29, 2014 07:25
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