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I use a tab bar on my iPhone panel and have added images to the (four) tab bar items. Unfortunately the images are not shown. Instead there is a grey box and when selected a partly blue box. Are there restrictions to the images which can be used; e.g. type, size, number of colors? Or is there anything else which needs configuring.



Not using them very often, but as far as I recall they need to conform to the tab bar icons requirements of iOS:

A custom icon that you create for a toolbar, navigation bar, or tab bar is also known as a template image, because iOS uses it as a mask to produce the icon you see when your app runs. If you create a full-color template image, iOS ignores the color.

To design a custom bar icon, follow these guidelines:

  • Use pure white with appropriate alpha transparency.
  • Not include a drop shadow.
  • Use antialiasing.
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