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Since I am interested in OR import/export capabilities via Beehive, I started testing REST requests according to Beehive 3.0 REST XML API. So I downloaded/compiled Beehive from, then I used RESTCLient for Firefox to perform tests.

My tests are based on document.

However, I keep receiving messages about missing resources, like the one below:

message Could not find resource for relative : /sensor/loadall/1 of full path: http://locahost:8080/beehive/rest/sensor/loadall/1/
description The requested resource (Could not find resource for relative : /sensor/loadall/1 of full path: http://localhost:8080/beehive/rest/sensor/loadall/1/) is not available

It sounds like I downloaded wrong Beehive version or did not activate API properly?

I would really appreciate any working REST URL example

Since there is no replay to my question... I guess this is not yet implemented?

Posted by mlab at Sep 28, 2012 07:24
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