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Hi everyone

The panel loading (without pictures) on R PI is very very very slow... but then... it works

I have just some questions about webconsole:
The "tab bar" and "tab bar item" only work for iphone and ipad ?
Is better create a dedicate panel for webconsol ?

2) I created a custom panel for webconsole "home(Custom,1024x768)".
When I load the webconsole I see this screen and resizing doesn't work.

this is the designer:

What's wrong ? Whar can I do ?


webconsole.png (image/png)
webconsole pc.png (image/png)
webconsole controller.png (image/png)

It looks as if you have an older version of WebConsole. Search this forum for the latest (beta) release from Richard

Posted by pz1 at Jan 11, 2013 14:28
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