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If the LED video wall effect is not more clearly, then, it will directly affect the overall results led display. So how do we make the display more clearly led display it? Full color led display gray level, contrast, refresh rate and other technical indicators show the effect of a direct impact on the level of LED video wall.

Gradation refers to single color led display brightness from darkest to brightest able to distinguish between the brightness of the series. Contrast is one of the key factors that affect the visual effects, in general, the higher the contrast, the image more clearly visible, bright colors more vivid.

LED display and other items, as in the use inevitably encounter this or that problem and precautions. Mainly in led panel and led light tube for special treatment, reduce the reflectance led panel, led display contrast to improve.

Overheating or temperature fluctuations will cause direct damage to the LED or LED quality problems, especially for small sizes such as round and oval LED 3mm; the LED video wall is not lit in the event, often with more than 50% probability for a variety of LED curtain displays. Improve these problems requires strict to improve the process and strengthen the quality inspection to solve. Manufactured before the high-temperature and normal-temperature aging test, vibration test is also a good test.

VISS implementation of the strict quality management system, for quality monitoring products from design, procurement, production, quality testing, packaging, transportation, pre-sales and after-sales tracking the entire process to ensure product "zero defect quality services" to promote the industry's health order growth.

Here is the latest LED curtain this year:

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