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I've managed to get the basics of a ZWave setup going - now I'm stuck.

I have some Light on/off switches which can be controlled via the OpenRemote or via a wall switch - the first problem is when I activate via the wall switch instead of the app - the OpenRemote doesn't seem to notice that the state of the switch has changed - this is more of an annoyance that anything else - as when I look at the app I don't know the status of the light until I try and turn it on/off.

this seems important - as what I would like to do next is trigger 2 completely separate light circuits to work together from either light switch. Kind of a "Virtual 2 way circuit".

for example, we have 3 sets of outdoor lights, all separately switched. I would like it that if I switch any one of the 3 switches, as well as switching the local switch, the other 2 circuits would come on/off - however that doesn't seem possible if OpenRemote doesn't see the status of the first switch changing.

Any help please?!?



Take a look at the rules engine. I've no experience with it yet, but to my knowledge this must be the way to go.

This must make you happy!


Posted by oliviertoebosch at Dec 13, 2015 23:08

Hello Cliff

I'll confess that I don't know anything about Z-Wave technology, but the following theory should be somewhere near right.

It sounds to me like you've got two issue.

The first is that you don't have a 'sensor' command setup in OpenRemote to check / monitor the status of your Z-Wave switch.

This how-to should help -

Secondly, linking switches to more than one device shouldn't be a major issue.

Personally, I'd address that within the Z-Wave configuration, rather than creating a set of rules in OpenRemote.

Purely because the danger of creating circular rules would be ever present.

That said, once you have sensor commands and 'Switch' sensors setup in OpenRemote, it would be fairly straightforward to create a rule that read the status of 1 Z-Wave switch / relay and brought everything else into line.

I hope that helps.

Good luck.

Posted by mdar at Dec 15, 2015 12:25

Thanks for trying...this post has been here a while with no comment...

yes I've managed to create the switch in the OpenRemote piece and that works fine - and there are sensors as part of that setup - I know they work as if I restart the openremote process it knows the current state of each switch.

the problem comes when you switch them manually - I think there needs to be some way of polling the device for its status - but that doesn't seem possible.

if I can get that bit sorted - then the rules to tie things together I think is relatively simple.

Thanks again


Posted by cliffdabbs at Dec 15, 2015 12:41

one step forwards 2 steps back I think.

I got this working....basically by polling the switches to see their current state...

rule "Lights Status "
timer (cron: 0 * * * * ?) when eval (true) then
execute.command("Driveway Lights-Status");
execute.command("Porch Lights-Status");

I had to put the timer in as the 2nd light status would fail - this is only really any use if the schedule is running < 10s intervals really as I can't have it waiting for minutes to turn the other lights on....anyway - after some testing and running this at even 1 minute intervals - after a while if seems to crash - either the end device stops responding or something in open remote stops working....

seems such a simple thing for the switch to tell OpenRmemote its status has changed rather than having to poll for its status....


Posted by cliffdabbs at Dec 20, 2015 19:51

Hi Cliff.

You need to know if you switch/dimmer is status report capable. Then change the parameter that enable the hail option.

In my case i have a aeotec micro smart switch with the parameter 80 set to 1 and the status report work all the time.

Polling the the status constantly will keep the controller busy asking to the device it status and that spend a lot of the horsepower of you machine Rpi, x86 ... system. If you device can't report it status change the polling interval to 1 minute or more.

I think that can help.


Posted by edito at Dec 22, 2015 07:32

Hi, thanks for that - this sounds like progress!

I have exactly the same modules - the aeotec micro switch (I think its the 2nd version but I'd expect they're capable)

looking around the net this is clearly the answer I've been looking for...the question now is

How do you set the param 80 to 1 in OpenRemote??

(I completely agree - polling was never the answer!)



Posted by cliffdabbs at Dec 22, 2015 08:20

When using Z-Wave 2.0 stack, OR will create an XML file for each Z-Wave device it recognizes. Through this file you can configure your Z-Wave device.
Please see for more information on this.

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 04, 2016 13:10


thanks for that - I saw that in the forum/net - but when I look for the xml files on my installation they aren't there.

I'm using the zwave 2 stack and the latest openremote.



Posted by cliffdabbs at Jan 04, 2016 15:00
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