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I am currently defining rules to automate lighting and shades in cases of absence and heavily use cron rules. Is there a way, to define the cron rules in local time zone settings? Currently, I can only define the rules in UTC. Taking daylight savings time into account adds some complexity to the rules...

I am running the controller on a QNAP system. BTW: for other date / time field I don't get local time zones to work either although I defined the correct time zone...

I do use the DateTime protocol for that. See my Sunshades page under the heading Automation

Posted by pz1 at Jun 25, 2014 08:11

Well, I do use the DateTime protocol and especially the time to sunset/sunrise for the every day home automation. But for the "simulation of usage" in case of absence, I'd like to switch on a certain light let's say at 10:23pm every Monday. With the cron job only using UTC, I need to set the time in UTC plus I need to account for daylight savings time and either adapt the times or find a better mechanism.

Posted by jimself at Jun 25, 2014 20:55
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