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I finally get OpenRemote Controller running on my Raspberry Pi B+. I have connected a little KNX-system via Weinzier Engineering GmbH KNX-USB Stick 330 and wireless X10 system with Marmitek (Haibrain) CM15PRO EFL usb-device. I managed to read messages from KNX-bus with vbusmonitor1 and X10-messages with nc localhost 1099 commands. I also can send one command to KNX-bus using OpenRemote UI running on my Win8 laptop. My KNX-system does not send status feedback towards Raspberry, but this is due KNX-system configuration failure, I think. I'll check this with ETS4 software later on.

I like to utilize bigger screen of my Win8 laptop, but I did not manage to get it working nicely at remote web console. So parts of the UI symbols are outside of the screen and I don't managed to re-size the screen to other position. So I was forced to use a smaller iPad screen template. Is there some ready made templates available for laptops?

Did you try with "Custom Panel"? That is what I use for my Androids

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