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Is it possible to connect two Aeon Z Sticks to one QNAP device, and have them both recognised by OpenRemote?

I have my office and IT equipment in an outbuilding, over 30m from the house. There is network connectivity between the office and house, by way of 4 CAT5E cable runs. To control the Z-Wave devices in the home, I plan to use one of these cable runs with a USB over CAT5e device, thus connecting the Z-Stick in the home, to the QNAP in the office.

I don't know if this will work and I can't see why it won't so assuming it does, I now have an issue where I would like to control some garden lights and a fish pond pump. The switches are in the office and therefore are out of range of the Z-Stick in the house. My idea is to connect a second Z-stick to the QNAP with some Z-Wave relay's in the office.

Ideally, I'd like to install a DIN rail mounted 2-channel relay straight into the consumer unit located into the office, however I only have 4 spare ways on the consumer unit, ruling out C-BUS and this KNX device seems to require a 24 volt rail, rather than the 230 V rail found in an ordinary consumer unit.

If anyone knows if one can run two Z-Sticks in the same device or come up with a better solution, I'd be grateful if you would point me in the right direction.

Many thanks


It's not possible to attach more than one Z-Wave interface. OpenRemote cannot handle multiple separate Z-Wave networks.

Z-Wave is famous for it's mesh network. Every mains powered Z-Wave node acts as a repeater in the Z-Wave network. The max range between two Z-Wave nodes is 100 meters when used outdoors with no obstructions. In theory it should be possible to create a single Z-Wave mesh network that covers your home and office. Maybe a device like the Aeon Labs Range Extender could help.

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Thanks again Rainer, for you response.

Good to know about the range, shame the range extenders are not made with UK 3-pin plugs. (or shame the UK's plugs and sockets are different to mainland Europe!)

I found an Ethenet 240V relay from "WebRelay" with PoE and a built in webserver that I was investigating purchasing and installing into the consumer unit in the office. The DIN rail is the right size, but I am not sure if it would be allowed under UK Part-P building control. A question for my Sparky.

A quick search on OpenRemote forums didn't return a hit for WebRelay, but I am sure it could be programmed especially as it support XML.

Thanks again.


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