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I hate to ask the time, I would like to contribute a little bit but it's still early!
This time is the UART, AMA0, works only with the privileges of "su" in user mode, the message "Error sending command to port / dev / ttyAMA0" appears




chmod 666 /dev/ttyAMA0
Posted by aktur at Jan 22, 2015 11:06

Thank mr. Rutka

I just tried it with editing files cmdline.txt (eliminating console = ttyAMA0,115200) and inittab (commenting the line : T0: 23: respawn: / sbin / getty -L ... etc ..) and it seems to work anyway .

However I want to try your own version.

I noticed, however, that I get a warning message:
RXTX version mismatch
Jar version = RXTX-2.2pre1
native lib version = RXTX-2-2pre2

is a library of the latest ""?
how can you use it?
how to change the line JAVA_OPTS = "$ JAVA_OPTS = / dev / ttyAMA0" in the file ?

thanks a lot

Posted by pete68 at Jan 22, 2015 11:22
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