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I used an iPhone 4S to shoot a few background images for my OpenRemote UI, which is based on the iPhone 320x480 template. When the pictures are uploaded to Designer, they appear rotated counterclockwise 90 degrees. I applied various edits to the pics, like "pre-rotating" the image 90 degrees in the opposite direction, saving it at exactly 320x480 resolution, and other resolutions, with no success. What am I missing here?

The metadata probably contains the original orientation since it was recorded with the iPhone. When displayed on the iPhone the orientation might be used again. You can try and shoot the picture again with the iPhone turned or remove the info from the jpg metadata.

Posted by mredeker at Aug 10, 2014 10:21

Thanks. I removed the metadata using JPEG & PNG Stripper which caused the images to display as they were in Designer (i.e. rotated 90 ccw). I used to rotate them into correct orientation, stripped the metadata again out of abundance of precaution, and all was well. Thanks Marcus.

Posted by russ at Aug 10, 2014 13:56
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