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If you want to use your iPhone / iPod touch as a replacement for your regular remote, you need a way of controlling the main functions without looking at the device.
I would say that for a TV this could be channel up, down, sound up, down and maybe mute.

Maybe we can use gestures for this task? Something like "swipe up", "swipe down", "swipe left", "swipe right", "zoom in" and "zoom out".
Apple itself just released an update for the iPhone remote to control Apple TV in this manner.

What do you think? Maybe the gestures can be user definable using the designer?


Yes it makes sense and has been discussed before. I'd consider it for the next major overhaul of the panel codebase, along with navigation buttons and status update elements.

As always, prototype code is welcomed.

– Juha

Posted by juha at Jun 28, 2009 17:14
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