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The How To about RRD4J explains what steps are needed to set up a Round Robin Database in Openremote, but to my opinion it offers little explanation of the meaning of the different parameters that need to be filled in in the xml configuration file. So I delved into the documenation on RRD4J and especially on RRDtool. But it took me quite some time to find the relevant information and to understand it.
Therefore I thought I could be welcome for other Openremote people who want to give RRD4J a try, if there was some more in depth and, more important, summarized explanation of how RRD4J processes and stores the values in archives. So I decided to write out the notes I made while reading through the documentation into a small tutorial, that I've added here:
Tutorial RRD4J.pdf

Tutorial RRD4J.pdf (application/pdf)
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