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For a while I've been toying around with my raspberry pi + razberry z-wave module, and I was able to get everything working together with openremote, following the instructions here:, but now that I've re-installed my raspberry, I'm running into trouble.

Since the official razberry forum seems to be dead (can't post anything there anymore, forum is full of spam and complaining users), I hope someone here can help me out (before I toss it out of the window and buy a proper z-wave controller )

First of all, I had to do install z-way server 1.3.1, because 1.4.1. just wont start (see
After I got that working, I wanted to install RaZ-OR, but for that I would have to modify /opt/z-way-server/automation/config.json , but there's nu such file there...
This is all I got:

Manually creating it and adding openremote.js doesn't do anything either.

Another strange thing is that commands like http://myrpip:8083/ZWaveAPI/Run/devices2.instances0.commandClasses0x20.Set(255) result in errors like : 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'Set' of undefined' eventhough I certainly have a device 2 (a simple on/off switch)

any ideas?

knip2.PNG (image/png)
Knipsel.PNG (image/png)

At the bottom of the HowTo page is a link to the main forum thread on the topic. I have described there how to get things working with version 1.4.1.
Somewhere there is also a link to the older HowTo dealing with version 1.3.1.

It is very unfortunate that the forum is dead they had plans to repair, but that is low priority.
My last mails to them have remained unanswered. So, if you want to do anything more serious with OpenRemote and Z-Wave, you probably are better of choosing Micasa Verde Vera. There is a Howto for the Vera and OpenRemote.

Sorry that I can't do more for you at the moment.

Posted by pz1 at Jan 17, 2014 20:30

Thanks, I've found it, got everything up and running now, I added this to the bottom of main.js:

executeFile(automationRoot + "/" + "openremote.js");


I'm still considering the Micasa Verde Vera, I've wathced a few youtube clips about it, and it seems like getting everything up and running with it is a lot easier than with the razberry (especialy the automation part)

Posted by erikl1982 at Jan 18, 2014 20:04
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