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Going to try to make it a bit more clear. i think the previous post was a bit confusing

Ok so i want to include the CPU usage value on my UI.

I also have Domoticz installed on the server so if i do a call using JSON like this


i get this:

Then on my the status command i have something like this:

So basically that should return the result of Data on the JSON call.

My questions....

How can i include that result into the UI???
How can i make it be refreshed every minute???

Hope you can help


1.PNG (image/png)
2.PNG (image/png)


So i was pretty close. The only changes i made to this was
1. Created a custom sensor for the CPUstat command
2. Set the polling interval to 1m
3. Changed the JSONPath Expression to $.result[0].Data
4. Created 2 labels in the Designer UI. One static and one with a sensor

Had to reboot the OR and it worked just fine.

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