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If anyone would like any help configuring their Velbus hardware in OpenRemote Pro, please add a reply to this topic and I'll do everything I can to assist.

If you're looking for assistance in programming your Velbus hardware, before you build your OpenRemote interface, please take a look at the Velbus forum.

Best wishes


As soon as my actual 'unable to retrieve controller identity' problem is solved (Pro 1.3.0 on Raspbian), I'm gonna start playing with my Velbus-installation in OpenRemote. I'm quiet sure we will meet up soner or later...

Posted by helsenbe at Nov 13, 2015 19:29

Good luck Ben.

We haven't got a Linux Velbus to TCP server yet, but keep your eye on GuntherVB on github, he's very close to getting a server up and running.

He's currently working on a BeagleBone deployment.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need any help with your Velbus config in OpenRemote Pro.



Posted by mdar at Nov 13, 2015 20:13

I'm using this velbus linux server already several years on my raspberry, written by jeroends ...

Download the source @
and compile with gcc -o velserv velserv.c -lpthread

more info about the usage can be found with ./velserv -h (like for ex a more verbose output: ./velserv -v -v -v -v -v , if you put more or less "-v", you'll get another verbose output)

Posted by bheremans at Nov 18, 2015 21:48

Thanks Bart.

That's an excellent tip.

Especially the instruction on how to compile it.

I'll run it up over the weekend and post my results.



Posted by mdar at Nov 19, 2015 15:51


I tried VelServ on a BeagleBone, but I just couldn't get it to work, however that could say more about my Linux skills

However, JVelbusD by GuntherVB is up and running really nicely now.

The source files can be found here


How are you getting on?

Is there anything I can help you with?

Best wishes,


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