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I wanted to control my WDTVLive over IP. Information about it is very sparse on the internet, so I thought it would be good to share

General command structure:

Command Name		XYZ
Protocol                HTTP
URL			http://[ip-of-your-wdtvlive]/cgi-bin/toServerValue.cgi
Content-Type            application/json
Workload                [command]

Commands are


Available remote codes (sunst xyz by these):
w = power
o = home

\\\\ = subtitle
, = audio

[ = prev
t = stop
] = next
H = rewind
p = play_pause
I = forward

T = back
l = cursor left
n = ok
u = cursor up
G = option
r = cursor right
U = prev_page
d = cursor down
D = next_page
M = mute
s = setup

x = a (green)
y = b (red)
z = c (yellow)
A = d (blue)
1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 3
4 = 4
5 = 5
6 = 6
7 = 7
8 = 8
9 = 9
0 = 0
E = search
X = eject

Some services: Workload


YouTube = 16
Netflix= 26
YouTube videos= 15
Facebook= 17
AccuWeather= 28

The service codes allow you to create a Netflix button on your remote..

Thanks to for the remote codes and to Wireshark for the service codes.

Hi this works nicely thanks.

Not sure whether you have found a problem with the WD box but when I use the YouTube service it kills the http remote connection and you are stuck. the Ir remote still works so I may need to use my itach ip2ir to get out of YouTube.

Posted by jules_bike at Sep 25, 2014 19:57

Same problem with my 2014 WDTV, controls works fine but stuck when in YouTube with open remote panel. BUT it works with the WDTV app on my android phone! Anybody knows what's missing in the open remote command?

Posted by baloutre at Jan 03, 2015 15:16

Hi yep the problem is really annoying. I'm not sure the issue is with Openremote. I've reprogrammed all my commands to go via an IR sender and it still seems to be very buggy, runs out of memory and the youtube leanback function often locks up. Sometimes the sound does not even work on Youtube unless you first play a local file....

For Netflix and local video it is fine but my children are of the youtube generation so that is a showstopper. I've just invested in an HTPC to replace it, too much wasted time...

Posted by jules_bike at Jan 06, 2015 21:09
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