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Hi can I applaud this vision of this project.I work for Ivory Egg when run &
I would like to contribute to the KNX stream.I have developed an Ajax/Server Side JavaScript based control solution for both KNX & EnOcean control technologies. Being a solutions architect I'm not the best coder around but I can TEST as I have plenty of KNX kit too.
When I click the KNXIntegrationProject link I get a page not found!!I would like to add EnOcean wireless system to the list of supported protocols in the integration stream.
I will look to involve the guy who has already developed a C interface for EnOCean and get it built into OpenRemote.

Hello Lawrence,

Thanks for your offer to help. Sorry about the broken link, as you can see there's still a lot left to do on the website. I've fixed it for now (the KNX integration project information was outdated).

Current plan for KNX support in the first releases is to have the ability to create UI elements that send a command to a KNX group address over an IP gateway. While the existing videos don't really highlight it yet (I still need to wait couple of weeks to get my hands on an KNX test kit), you can see there's a KNX tab there where you will configure the KNX address + command.

I'm sure after the first milestones there will be more KNX to come. Let me know how that fits into what you're currently working on.

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Juha good to hear from you I'm not workign on anything any more but would like to share my experince in this area and help contribute to the featuers I get asked for in my day job both for KNX and EnOcean solutions.

I would be happy to buy a Asus B202 configuered so I can use it with my KNX test rig along with my Iphone.  However KNX over IP isn't cheap there some very affordable RS232 ascii based interfaces avaiable Tapko do one DIN/REG
mounted & for example.

Regards, Lawrence

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