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I'm planning to add a weather page to my remote and just need a little guidance on sensors and html commands.

I've successfully set up a current temp reading sensor/command and its being retrieved by OpenRemote running on a Galaxy Tab3 :-

The next step will be to add a number of other elements from the wunderground XML tree but not certain if I need to repeat the same steps every time? If so then this seems a bit labour intensive :-/

Is there some functioanlity that allows me to put a variable in the XPath expression where the value is say 'temperature_string' or 'weather'?

thoughts appreciated

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You need to duplicate the commands.
To save time, what you can do when creating a command is use "Save and continue", this will create the command and keep the dialog open with existing values you entered.

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 31, 2014 13:29

good call


Posted by rich.sperrin at Jan 31, 2014 20:58
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