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I understand that Web Console is aimed mainly on tablets which have portrait orientation. But I am using OpenRemote with touchscreen 1024x768 which is landscape oriented.

When I select checkbox "Fullscreen" in SlidingToolbar screen is left rotated. Following click of "ROTATE" button does not launch rotate action and screen is still left rotated.

Would it be possible to adapt Web Console also to landscape monitors?


The only thing that makes the Web Console limited to portrait orientations at present is the system screens (Controller List, Controller Edit, Panel Selection and Settings Screens); these system screens are locked to portrait orientation but it is not a big job (hopefully) to get them to work in landscape also I just haven't got around to doing it. This was done initially for simplicity as well as to mimic the behaviour of the Android and iOS (not sure about iPad) behaviour.

As for the ROTATE button; when in Fullscreen mode you will not see any noticeable change unless the screen you currently have displayed also has a landscape version defined in the designer. The rotate button merely simulates turning the console device through 90 degrees in the case of the full screen web console the device is your monitor.


Posted by kurrazyman at Oct 02, 2012 16:59

Hi Richard,

I did a small investigation and it seems that one new boolean would solve the problem.

  public class BrowserUtils {
    public static boolean isTablet = false;

    private static void initMobile() {
      // Determine current window orientation
      if (isTablet && (getWindowHeight() < getWindowWidth()) ) {
  	windowOrientation = "landscape";
    public static void updateWindowInfo() {
      int winHeight = getWindowHeight();
      int winWidth = getWindowWidth();
      String winOrientation = "portrait";
      if (isTablet && (winHeight < winWidth)) { 
  	winOrientation = "landscape";

Anyway I feel this solution is just workaround and it would be great if Web Console suits also "standard" monitors.

I suppose that is the source of Web Console 2.0 Final Release Candidate, right?


Posted by fekete kamosh at Oct 02, 2012 23:42

Hey Fekete,

I'm not sure what you mean by standard monitors, the display device (tablet, mobile or PC monitor) will always be landscape or portrait based on (winHeight < winWidth). The change your suggesting would mean that on the PC the orientation would be fixed to portrait which is not right. The system screens need to be adjusted to cope with both orientations and that will solve the visual problem, feel free to 'hack' your own version for now though.

The branch in my workspace is the one I do all my work on, Juha would have more than likely branched it for the 2.0 release but I would use my workspace version to get all the latest fixes etc.


Posted by kurrazyman at Oct 03, 2012 16:48
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