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A couple weeks ago I discovered the openremote project and immediately became interested. After looking through the documentation and checking out the code, I noticed that there hadn't been any code committed for the web console. So, I decided to put together an initial web console application using GWT.

After a few hours of coding, I created an initial skeleton of an application. The app I put together loads a UI XML document from the server, parses the XML, builds a GWT FlexTable based on the UI XML, and displays the results in the browser. When the user clicks on an icon, the application will make an AJAX request to a mock controller hosted within the web console application. For now, the mock controller simply receives the command and returns a 200 response. The UI XML and the mock controller are currently hosted within the web console application. Eventually, this will need to change, but for now it allows me to test the application in isolation.

I'd like to continue my work on the web console. In the near future, I'll need to create unit tests, provide better error handling and eventually work to integrate the commands with the controller.

I'd be interested in hearing more about your vision for the web console and how I might be able to help. If you'd like, I can commit the code to svn, or I can send it on for review.

Let me know your thoughts.



Hello David,

Thanks for taking the initiative. I was hoping someone would pick up on the web console since there is so much web development expertise out there.

I'd definitely be interested in reviewing what you have so far and then start moving things to SVN.

Long term where web console fits in is acting as a generic console implementation for devices with web browser capabilities where we don't provide a native client. This can be a mobile device with a small screen around similar dimensions to current iPhone and Android phones. Or it can be a larger screen for a wall panel or even a screen for a laptop sized or desktop LCD screen.

The current tools for creating and configuring the UI are focused on the iPhone screen size. The UI XML currently reflects this so a web console implementation ends up looking a lot like the phone screen. This is fine when the web console is used from a small hand-held (think of the mobile web versions of GMail, Twitter or Facebook as examples).

The same UI configuration can be used for larger screens but ideally we would be able to create a UI configuration that makes better use of the larger screen dimensions. This is something we haven't addressed yet with our online tools. The plan has been to allow the UI to be profiled (initially for different user groups, expert vs. simple interface) but I think even more relevant is to have profiles created per type of device used (mostly dealing with the utilization of different screen sizes).

So in the end I think we might end up with a 'regular' and mobile versions of the web console. At this point getting the work started on a generic web console working with the limitations of the current UI XML is fine.

Please email me at juha openremote org and let's get your work available for everybody to see.

– Juha

Posted by juha at Aug 26, 2009 08:13

Hi David,

great to hear that someone started on the web console. I demonstrated a really small Flex based example at the Amsterdam meeting but did not look into any further developing. GWT sounds like a great alternative to Flex. I also would be interested to see what you have so far. You can email your code to Juha and I ask him to send me a copy if that is ok for you?


Posted by mredeker at Aug 26, 2009 10:29

I spent some time checking out the Android console in more depth. It looks like there's been quite a bit more work done in defining the UI XML. I was mainly working off the Sample UI XML posting from a while back. I'm going to look into it in more depth and try to flush out a more complete web console UI. Perhaps I'll use the Android console as a guideline. Android seems like the logical choice for me to use as a guideline since I currently don't have access to a mac.

Marcus, feel free to contact Juha if you're interested in my initial code. Keep in mind, at this point, it's pretty basic.

– Dave

Posted by dhreines at Aug 27, 2009 04:59

Ok, no prob. Just in case, here's the latest UI XML schema we are working with: iPhone Console 1.0 (M3) User Interface XML Schema.

I'll take a look what you emailed regardless.

Agreed on Android. It will be easier to get started with.

Posted by juha at Aug 27, 2009 09:00

Just last night I spoke with Juha about pimping the iphone.xml a bit. I am currently implementing more features for KNX and for the iPhone console and I need some enhancements in the iphone.xml. I will start a new forum discussion on this (probably tonight).


Posted by mredeker at Aug 27, 2009 09:07
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