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I've read in one of the forums that there is also a web interface port of OpenRemote.

Do you know what's the status and if anybody has already tried it?

Where can I find a beta release?

Regards - Ivan

This was started as a community effort but was never really brought to completion.

I am trying to get the web interface effort restarted soon.

Posted by juha at Jun 04, 2010 09:12

A web interface would be great besides iPhone OS and Android support.
I am currently evaluating a in-wall touch PC based on Windows CE embedded which only supports a browser.
The screen resolution is 800x480.

Posted by mredeker at Jun 06, 2010 14:01

What are you are you going to write it in?

From what I have found mobile apps via a browser can be real clean.. Cross browser is something to strive for...

jscript and iframes work well.. ajax...

I have worked with many tablets and pos systems that are touch/pen... Done a great deal with gps and scanners on pda's / smart phones...

Look forward to hearing more...

Posted by avdorks at Nov 06, 2010 01:13

The full version for desktop browsers is written in Google Web Toolkit, the mobile browser version is HTML/JavaScript.

The information will show up here: Building OpenRemote 2.0 Web Console

At the moment, only subversion access to the raw and untested codebase is available.

Posted by juha at Nov 06, 2010 11:52
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