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The initial release of the Web Console has been available for download for a month or so now and hopefully some of you have found this initial offering helpful.

This initial release is far from aesthetically pleasing and it lacks support for mobile devices, but the task was to get the existing code working and make it available for download.

As soon as this initial offering was made available I went back to the drawing board and began work on the Web Console 2.0!


There are a few targets for the 2.0 version: -

  • Leverage new CSS3/HTML5 functionality that's filtering down to the browsers
  • Provide an interface that works for desktop and mobile devices whilst leveraging mobile specific functionality (orientation change being the key one)
  • Provide a cross platform Console that behaves like a standard application on mobile devices

Basic Concept

The code looks at the user agent string of the browser to determine whether to serve up a mobile specific version or a full desktop version, the difference between these is that: -

Mobile Version

Will always displays in full screen mode where the entire screen on the device becomes the console and you interact with it as you would the native console app for Android or iOS.

Desktop Version

Behaves more like an emulator with a virtual console unit loaded into the centre of the window, the console unit size will be customisable and there will be the option to change to fullscreen mode (so your entire desktop computer display becomes the console unit display (like on the mobile version). Interaction would take place through mouse events on the virtual console unit display and also via a toolbar that will allow you to rotate the console unit and toggle fullscreen mode.


The interface will be as close to what you currently see on iOS and Android as possible, in cases where certain functionality varies between the two platforms then what is deemed to be the most user friendly option will be employed, feel free to offer up any suggestions/improvements that you would like to see in the UI.

Current State

With this in mind it has taken a bit of time to get the skeleton design working as I want but I believe I have got there; initial testing on iOS, Android, Desktop Chrome and Desktop Mozilla have gone well with the mobile version almost indistinguishable from a real app.

The basic event management framework has been added to detect swipe, tap, hold and rotation events and currently only a loading screen is displayed and none of the backend functionality has been added in yet but hopefully over the next few weeks things will start coming together quickly.

This forum can be your way of affecting the direction of the Web Console, if there's some functionality you would really like to see then post it here and it may well happen! If you would like to be involved with testing then subscribe to alerts on this post and I will put some information on here when the time is right.


Desktop_UI.png (image/png)

Hi Richard,
I'm already using WebConsole 1.0 and I'm enthusiastic with this 2.0 version.
Impatient to test it.
thank you for your work

Posted by yannph at Jul 26, 2011 11:33

Great work. I'm using WebConsole 1.0 although I can't get it to display any images, either background or button images. Look forward to the next version and would be happy to test it on Firefox, Chrome, iOS etc.

Posted by richardu at Aug 15, 2011 19:15

Duplicate post.

Posted by richardu at Aug 15, 2011 19:16
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