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I found that navigation to proper screen is not always functional. After clicking on a button with defined navigation navigate to another screen should be triggered but nothing happens sometimes.

I think there is a wrong comparison used in org.openremote.web.console.service.PanelServiceImpl (

public class PanelServiceImpl implements PanelService {
	public Screen getScreenById(Integer screenId, Integer groupId) {
		Screen screen = null;
		boolean groupContainsScreen = false;
		if (groupId == null) {
			groupContainsScreen = true;
		} else {
			for (Integer sId : getGroupScreenIds(groupId)) {
                                //if (sId == screenId) { // current comparison
				if (sId.equals(screenId)) {
					groupContainsScreen = true;

Could you please look at this?

Thank you


Hi Fekete,

I'll have a look at this.


Posted by kurrazyman at Oct 09, 2012 18:30

Bug raised: WEBCONSOLE-49

Bug fixed and committed to the repo you mentioned above, if you want to compile with the fix or if you want a compiled version let me know.

I should be more careful and not rely on autoboxing!



Posted by kurrazyman at Oct 09, 2012 18:46
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