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Hi everyone !!

OpenRemote Webconsole 2.0
Build 9495

There is any newest webconsole.rar ?

I'have this error on my webconsole


Webconsole3 error.png (image/png)

It would be helpful if you gave more info.

Also can you please format your images as thumbnail


Makes it easier for us to read

I had a similar error message
With no further detail I can't tell if the cause is the same

Posted by pz1 at Jan 20, 2014 08:14

Did you look at controller's log?
I had the same error connecting to my smarttv: i made a mistake and denied access to remote controller.
Console error is generic, but the log speaked clearly "smartv:port denied access to"

Hope this helps.


Posted by gianluca at Jan 29, 2014 13:04
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