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Hi all,

I have a very general problem with the Webview element. So I guess I missed something very basic.
I put a webview element - a link to a png on a server with a nice http://.. - via browser the url is working. And the png is an 64x64 icon - but I also tried other png.

If I enter this URL into the webview..
a) the andriod client crashes when loading the page
b) the webcontroller shows "nothing"

Can you pls advice some help - or give me some debugging hints?!



I use this URL in a web view and it works fine.

Maybe your PNG file needs to be referenced in a html file first?

I'm just guessing here

Posted by mdar at Jul 14, 2015 22:54


I brought the html file onto the server. From the webconsole it works ... not from Android. Still crashing !!!

Now I found out that the Playstore offers not 2.1 Beta. After installing this - the WebView is working ! HURRA!!!

Someone any thought?

Posted by martmiwp at Jul 16, 2015 17:33
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