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Hi guys,

I wrote a small servlet to display semi-real-time charts.

When I call the servlet from within a chrome browser (ie: it will show me the rendered chart (PNG) just fine, but when I set the WebView control to the same URL and load it on the IPad, I get nothing but a gray/empty rectangle.

I just tried a url to a plain image ie: and that works..

Is there something that could disallow the WebView running on the IPad to retrieve an image from the controller/tomcat server? (security settings?)

I'll look into that..

oh dear... I was using localhost in the sensor that set the actual URL...
I could see it everywhere.. but of course not on remote locations such as the IPad as they would be looking for the image locally as well.. doh..

Never mind (I should go to bed!)

Posted by bass at Dec 19, 2013 06:03
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