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I'm using a Galaxy Nexus (1280x720) Android phone. I tried the android app beta that is in the Play store, but it would crash on load when I tried to bring up a panel that contained a WebView applet. Found the download for the 2.1.0 beta apk, downloaded and installed. Now it will load properly but it does not display the MJPEG stream in the WebView from my IP webcam on my phone. Works in the web console.

I can open up the stream on my PC and use the buttons on my phone and it will operate the camera, so I'm certain the communication is there. On another panel, I have a z-wave (razberry) controlled light that also functions.

I've looked at several threads, some people seem to say WebView only works with iOS, but I think others say they are using it properly.

OR_designer.PNG (image/png)
OR_console.PNG (image/png)
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