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Hi all,
I want to build a home theater. The first thing I am trying is to use ipad to control projector screen scroll up/down.
My screen has a remote module and can be controlled by IR controller.
The details are in the links(picture) below.

I am learning x10 protocol and global cache products these days. but still cannot figure out what device to choose for my projector screen.

Do you have any ideas? Thank you in advance.

If you have an IR input then a product like GC will do the trick. Although if you are in china, I recommend digging a bit deeper you may find a cheap way to get your IP to IR.

Posted by marcf at Nov 13, 2010 09:45

Maybe CommandIR would be something?

Posted by kide at Jan 26, 2011 23:37

If you are looking for X10 to IR transeiver, I can recommend this one:
I am using it to control air conditioning using X10.


Posted by fekete kamosh at Feb 18, 2011 16:54
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