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Dear all
Firstly, happy new year to everybody.
I have maybe a stupid question, but I couldn't find where the macro scripts are stored on the server.

I have created a macro, it works fine.
Now I just want to run it from a KNX switch.

I learned that I cannot run a macro from a rules, and that i cant just copy the macro inside the rule.

To do this more quickly, I wanted to just copy the sequence from the macro file ( or ref : XML ?..)
This also because I add some delay between commands, and that they will be long and multiples in future.

Did someone can tell me where i can find the macro file on my server ?

Some additional information, I didn't succeed anyway with the rules.
Even if a simple rule in well written in the designer UI ( and retrieved after log off, log on ), the file modelers_rules.drl is overwritten by a blank file on my server each time I synchronize the controller.

I tried to edit the drl file directly on the controller, and then to restart it, but then nothing works at all..

Thanks in advance


They only exist in Designer, and are expanded from there in some form to controller.xml I guess. At least not something you can copy/paste in designer. It is not an automation concept, but rather a patchwork for convenience

Posted by pz1 at Jan 02, 2015 17:58

Thanks for this quick answer.
I should then consider to rewrite the macro as rule.

Nevertheless, I would like to know (for my background) how and where it is stored, if someone knows.

Also, I still have the mystery the rules files which is overwritten by a blank file during synchronization.


Posted by phil1348 at Jan 03, 2015 10:13

Regarding where the macro are stored, not sure if you're asking on the controller or in the designer.
On the controller, macros do not exist. When a macro is linked to e.g. a button, all the commands that make up the macro are linked to the button.
On the designer/beehive, macro definitions are stored in the SQL database.

Regarding rules file, are the rules correctly stored in the designer ? I mean if you logout and log back in, do you still see the rules you defined ?
If not, it might be because you forget to click on "Submit".
If they are stored, then I'm not sure what could cause the issue of the rules file being empty.
Might be worth downloading the zip file from the designer and checking it the file is empty or not in there.

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 05, 2015 13:48

Tks for answer.
For info, my basic question was about the macro on the controller. It remains a little bit a mystery, but it doesn't really matter. My question was in fact "can I re-use this, or not". The answer is not. That's it.

For the rules, I just quickly tried to download the zip file, and the rule file is the good one (same as on designer)

I will probably not have access to the controller for a few days, I will try later again there.
As first time , I think I could have been related to a write access, but this is not the case, as the existing file is really overwritten by a blank one.

I will let the community know if I don't find (for support...) or if I found why it didn't work.

Posted by phil1348 at Jan 06, 2015 08:34

Not sure what was the problem with rule file.
Seems to be OK for now.

Posted by phil1348 at Jan 13, 2015 16:33
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