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Hey folks,

I'm working on getting some useful debug output for drools via event listeners. I am curious whether anyone has an opinion as to which logger should be used? I am not really familiar with how they are all used. Right now I'm using


but only because the name seemed reasonable to me. If no current stream is appropriate I'll make a new one.

For me the proposition is OK.

BTW, is there any Drools design environment available which I can use for Oopenremote? Right now I must to sync design just to find out some typos. For a big design it is very time consuming process. A simple offline parser/compiler which I can run before syncing would be very helpful. Of course it should be aware of OR somehow.

Posted by aktur at Sep 25, 2013 15:23

Seems ok to me, at least it's the right top category. It may be relevant to look at adding sub categories perhaps based on each rule name but that can come later.

Posted by juha at Sep 30, 2013 15:54
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